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A New Kind Of Professional Financial Service

When you register with Credit Medical:

  • There is no cost or obligation to you.
  • Patients have financial freedom to choose procedures they desire.
  • Financial arrangements are made directly with your patient.
  • Your payment is guaranteed in advance of the procedure.
  • You are free to focus on the treatment not the payment.
  • Patients are referred to you through our online National Directory.


All types of elective medical procedures are eligible for Credit Medical financing - including those you provide.

National Directory of Elective Medical Service Providers

As a service for practitioners and patients, we have established an online directory to help patients find an appropriate doctor in their area for the procedures they want. You will find many of your colleagues listed there. To have your practice listed in our "Physician Finder", all you have to do is register with us!

The Advantages

Your patients will enjoy a more comfortable means of paying and you will appreciate these administrative advantages.

1. Patient Acceptance.
When cost is an obstacle for your patient, we can offer them flexible financial arrangements.

2. Relaxed Relationship.
We can ease the strain of dealing with financial matters while you concentrate on the procedure.

3. Less Paperwork. Less Risk.
Receive full payment in advance. No concerns about billing and collections.

4. Understanding.
Many elective procedures are of an intimate nature. You and your patients will appreciate dealing confidentially with our informed professionals.

5. New Patients.
Your professional profile will be displayed here on our web site and may bring you new patients.

How It Works

We've simplified the financing process for everyone:

1. For your patient.
They complete and submit the application form in our brochure and return by fax or mail. They can also apply online or call in to apply over the phone. We will then communicate with them directly.

2. Between your patient and us.
Upon approval, patients receive a loan agreement. They sign it and return it to us with copies of their supporting documents.

3. Between the practitioner and us.
Credit Medical notifies you of confirmed patient financing through a "Financing Confirmation and Funds Request" form.

4. For the practitioner.
All you have to do is sign and return the form. Payment will be issued as per the requested payment date prior to the procedure.

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Promotional Support

Participating practitioners receive promotional support from Credit Medical. This includes:

1. Free literature and application forms.
You will receive a regular supply of our patient brochures (with application forms) to display and distribute in your office.

2. Toll free phone (1-800-270-9290).
Our toll-free telephone support line is available to assist patients with loan applications and answer questions.

3. Searchable National Elective Medical Directory listing.
Our web site features a searchable "Physician Finder" function, which lists your practice and the services you offer, directing potential patients to you. If you have a web site, we provide a link to it.


Q. Is there a fee to register?
A. No, there are no fees to register with Credit Medical. It's simple, just fill out the registration form or call 1-800-270-9290.

Q. How do I offer my patients Credit Medical financing?
A. Upon registration, we will send you a supply of brochures, and a display stand for them. Simply give them to your patients for them to apply. We deal directly with your patient to arrange financing, then send you a form to confirm the details of the procedure date and cost. Once you sign the form, Credit Medical will issue the funds on the date specified in the agreement.

Q. How does Credit Medical benefit my practice?
A. Offering this service can increase your business by providing an affordable way for more patients to pay for their procedures. Credit Medical also offers you an advertising opportunity (through our National Directory) that can increase your exposure to new patients.

Q. How easy is it for my practice to offer Credit Medical financing?
A. The patient financing arrangements are taken care of by Credit Medical. All you have to do is sign our "Financing Confirmation and Funds Request" form to confirm the procedure details, and fax it back to our office for payment.

Q. Is there a limit on the amount of financing I can offer a patient?
A. Your patient can finance procedure in part or in full, with a minimum of $1,000.00.

Q. How long is the approval process?
A. Credit Medical can approve loan applications within the same business day. Financing can also be arranged in your office. If there is some urgency, please let our staff know and we will take care of your patient's application right away.

Q. When is the service provider issued payment?
A. Your patient indicates when your practice requires payment; we will confirm this with you in writing. Once agreed upon, Credit Medical will issue payment up to three weeks in advance of the procedure.

Q. How do I register?
A. It's simple, fill out our online registration form here or call 1-800-270-9290 to apply.

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As a financial intermediary between doctors and patients, Credit Medical Corporation: Works with patients to arrange loans, Enables doctors to offer patients financial alternatives, and links doctors and patients through our directory.