Hyperopia Correction

Hyperopia Correction

Hyperopia, or farsightedness, occurs when the surface of the cornea is too flat, causing the distance between the cornea and retina to be too short. As a result, light rays come together at a theoretical point behind the retina, and so are out of focus on the retinal surface, causing nearby objects to appear blurry, while distant objects are clearer. Very farsighted patients will report that even distant objects appear blurry.

Hyperopia may be corrected with a variety of laser eye surgeries or other procedures. In both LASIK and PRK surgeries, the cornea is reshaped to a more steepened or curved surface using pulses of cool, ultraviolet light. Implantable contact lenses, which are fit between the iris and the eye’s natural lens, are another alternative, as is clear lens extraction, during which the eye’s natural lens is replaced with a prescription intraocular lens.

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