Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

There are a variety of factors contributing to hair loss, and in some cases, but not all, that hair loss can be paused or even prevented. Oral or topical medications can treat hair loss with little recovery time, and laser hair growth therapies can help stimulate tissue molecules that regrow and strengthen hair, giving you back a fuller head of hair and the confidence that goes with it!

Using hair restoration medications which contain finasteride or minoxidil can be an effective way to prevent hair loss, and can often be used in conjunction with hair replacement or transplantation to achieve a better result. Medications will usually take 6 months to a year to work, and you may even notice shedding in the first few months, so being patient and continuing to use the medication as prescribed is key to success. The effects of the medication will wear off if you stop using them, and you will soon revert to the degree of hair loss you would have had if no medications were used at all.

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