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Credit Medical provides flexible and affordable loans for elective medical procedures not covered by government or healthcare insurance plans, so that you can focus on the treatment, not the cost!

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Procedures Financed By Credit Medical

Surgical Cosmetic


Laser Eye Surgery


Non-Surgical Cosmetic


Weight Loss


Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration Procedures

Dentistry & Denturology

Dental Procedures


Fertility Procedures

Other Procedures


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Why Choose Credit Medical?

Established in 2001, Credit Medical is one of North America’s oldest and most trusted private lenders, providing loans to patients seeking surgical and non-surgical medical procedures and treatments not covered by government or healthcare insurance plans.

With Credit Medical, it’s easy to apply for financing and get pre-approval within seconds for your procedure, find a doctor or clinic near you through our online Physician Finder, and rest easy knowing that you can focus on the treatment, not the payment!

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Looking for a Non-Medical Loan?

Looking for flexible, affordable financing for non-medical needs? CMC Consumer Lending provides loans for a variety of needs, including but not limited to:

  • Home renovations, repairs and improvements
  • Summer and winter Powersports
  • Consumer electronics, appliances and technology
  • Personal luxury goods

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