Facial Implants

Facial Implants

Facial implants, including chin implants, jaw implants or cheek implants, are specially formed biocompatible materials, designed to enhance or “sculpt” certain features of your face. While the chin, cheeks and jaw are the most common areas to receive facial implants, any area of the face can be augmented.

Chin implants are placed internally, below the lower lip or under the chin. They can help improve the balance and contours of a “weak” or recessed chin.

Cheek implants can either be placed internally through the mouth just above the upper lip, or externally through the lower eyelid. These implants can increase the volume and projection of flat, recessed cheekbones.

Jaw implants are placed through an incision inside the lower lip. They improve the definition, balance and width of the lower third of the face, or “weak” jawline.

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