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Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass, considered a type of Bariatric surgery, patients can experience significant overall improvement health and in some case weight loss of 65 to 80%.

The process involves making the stomach smaller by dividing it, creating a smaller upper portion or “pouch,” and a larger bottom section. The surgeon then connects part of the small intestine to the pouch. The result is that patients feel full with less food and the body absorbs fewer calories. The resulting weight loss dramatically improves the quality of life for the patient. 

Gastric Bypass Costs

Gastric Bypass surgery costs anywhere from $8.000 to $18,000. These costs can vary widely and the average amount does not likely include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses. 

The cost for the surgery may vary based on experience, the type of procedure used, as well as geographic office location. 

Gastric Bypass and Insurance Coverage 

Some Health insurance plans may cover a portion of gastric bypass surgery. However your surgeon will likely need to obtain authorization from your insurer for the surgery and may require a letter and further documentation. Once an authorization is obtained, you will be able to schedule your surgery. You will be responsible for any co-pays or deductible required by your insurer.

Surgical weight loss procedures can be expensive, but when you consider how much you have spent on traditional diets and the hidden costs of being overweight (plus-sized clothing, prescription medications, time off work for weight-related health issues) the benefits of a long-term solution become more obvious. Gastric bypass surgery is a one-time investment in the rest of your life.

If your health plan does not cover the full costs, you may decide to pay for the surgery yourself. This is where we can come in - Credit Medical can provide you with the credit you deserve to lead a healthier life and be the best you.




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