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Financing Hair Transplant and Other Hair Restoration Procedures

Credit Medical offers affordable financing for hair restoration procedures. See below for a list of common procedures. If the procedure you are considering is not listed, call us at 1-800-270-9290 to inquire about financing.

Hair Restoration

A medical technique that can help prevent hair loss. Male pattern baldness is caused by the formation of the hormone DHT. Participants in a hair restoration program take an oral medication that inhibits DHT.

Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair specialists can use any of several different techniques to fill in balding areas. These might involve scalp reduction, tissue expansion, strip grafts, scalp flaps or hair plugs. The most common method uses small skin grafts from the scalp at the back of the head.

Hair Transplantation

A surgical technique that takes dominant 'donor' hair follicles (with their roots) from the back of the head and transplants them to the balding area.

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