Dermatological procedures

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Financing Injectables, Laser Hair Removal & Other Dermatological Procedures

Credit Medical offers affordable financing for dermatological procedures. See below for a list of common procedures, including Botox®, chemical peel, and collagen injections. If the procedure you are considering is not listed, call us at 1-800-270-9290 to inquire about financing.


A method of relaxing muscles to smooth out wrinkles on the face, neck and especially on upper lip, this procedure can remove "crow's feet" and frown lines, and help with perspiration problems. It may need to be done repeatedly.

Chemical Peel

The doctor uses a chemical solution to peel away the skin's top layers and stimulate the growth of new skin cells. This can repair unevenly pigmented, acne-scarred or sun-damaged skin, mainly for face and neck, but it can also be performed on arms, legs and chest.

Collagen Injections

A treatment designed to replenish collagen (a natural protein in the body), which diminishes as the body ages. Collagen is injected under the skin to remove wrinkles and facial lines and repair sun damage and scars.


Similar to a chemical peel except that the doctor uses a high speed rotating brush to surgically remove layers of skin, taking off wrinkles, scars and other blemishes. Skin is rejuvenated as new skin cells grow in.

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Also known as therapeutic massage. Endermologie smoothes the skin and can reduce fat cells resulting in a slimmer body. The massager rolls and unrolls the skin to increase blood flow and tighten skin.

Fibril Injections

Similar to collagen injections, Fibril is used to fill in facial lines and creases and restore the skin's natural healthy look. Fibril is a gelatin powder compound which is mixed with the patient's own blood, and then injected to plump up skin.

Laser Facial Resurfacing

A method of removing fine wrinkles on the face and softening facial lines, particularly around the mouth and eyes. The doctor uses a pulsed beam from a carbon dioxide laser to vaporize outer skin layer in a very precise manner.

Laser Hair Removal

A method of permanently removing unwanted body hair, this works on skin area rather than individual hairs, so larger skin areas such as the back can be treated. The heat of the laser damages the hair follicles, preventing growth.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

A wand-like laser can make wrinkles and other unwanted skin cells disappear from arms, legs and chest and even delicate areas. The laser is very precise, allowing the surgeon more control over depth of skin penetration.

Permanent Makeup

Sometimes called micro-pigmentation. An option for those who don't like to apply regular makeup or are allergic to it, this can also cover skin disorders, and make eyes and lips more defined. The pigment is inserted in skin's dermal layer.

Retin-A® Treatment

Retin-A® is a substance that can be applied to the body in a series of treatments. It is primarily used for softening wrinkles, restoring natural skin colour to discoloured skin and for improving overall skin texture.

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