Welcome Julie Dubeau's Patients

Welcome Julie Dubeau's Patients


Julie Dubeau has trusted your financing needs to us.

Here at Credit Medical, we know elective procedures can be expensive and most are not covered by insurance. However, we want the best for all of our clients, and part of feeling the best is looking your best.  

What We Offer

Our financing options are easy and affordable, and support an array of procedures that Julie performs, including the following:

  • Posturologie
  • Slimwave
  • Massothérapie Sportive
  • Ostéopathie
  • Pressothérapie

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Credit Medical offers you immediate and affordable access to your medical procedure.

Avoid the high upfront costs.

See how much it may cost you to get a loan.

Advantages of financing your loan through us:

  • Fast and easy credit approval 
  • No down payment or collateral 
  • Assured confidentiality 
  • Competitive interest rates 
  • Fixed interest rates throughout the repayment term
  • Loans are open and can be paid out at any time without penalties 
  • Finance any amount you need ($1,000 minimum)
  • Flexible repayment term on your loan (6 months to 5 years)

As a financial intermediary between doctors and patients, Credit Medical Corporation: Works with patients to arrange loans, Enables doctors to offer patients financial alternatives, and links doctors and patients through our directory.